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Check Out Grantland’s Photo Essay on What Kind of Men Camp Out for “Twilight”

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By HVentertainment on November 14, 2011

Last week, fans of the tween-loved Twilight franchise erected a tent city outside of Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre ahead of Monday night’s premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. If you guessed it was filled with many teenage girls and bored housewives, you would probably be correct. If you also guessed there were many men there as well, you would also be correct.

Grantland’s Lane Brown strolled down to the vampire tent city to find out just what kind of person, specifically what kind of fan with a Y chromosome, “would give up a week’s worth of work or school, sleep, and indoor plumbing just to watch a few pale actors walk a red carpet?”

“I went to the first Twilight premiere in 2008, which was before Twilight was Twilight. One time, I met Robert Pattinson at Taco Bell,” says Adam.

So there ya go. Check out the entire photo essay and the accompanying quotes. Many are dads there for their daughters, but just as many are there because they love the franchise.

Insane. Okay, one more because this is pretty funny and we can’t resist. Sorry.

Eddie (left): “I came from Florida. I’ve been here since Wednesday. We’re a Twilight family — a Twi-fam. This is our third premiere. We’re here for the honeymoon scene. But I don’t think they’ll show it — at least not the way I want to see it. My daughter made our shirts, and for a specific reason: We’re on Team Kristen. Here, look at the back …”

One day, it would be comforting to think we are all members of a Twi-fam.

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