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Check It: Awesome People Hanging Out Together

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By HVculture on May 31, 2011

Best self-explanatory Tumblr blog ever: Awesome People Hanging Out Together is a collection of photographs and movies of, well, you guessed it…

It’s been around since November of 2010, but in the site’s first six-months of existence, APHOT didn’t really post much in the way of content — only about 10-25 posts per month. But in May of 2011, they jumped up to almost 60 posts in the month as the site, presumably has taken off, and more content became user-submitted (like My Parents Were Awesome).

It’s a very simple appeal, and what’s particularly nice is that the photos are just so eclectic. Sure there are some pop culture ones, with many leaning in that favors, but there are also some historical ones as well. The photos are certainly conversation starters and almost instantly one wonders what the back story to them are. Here are just a few of our favorites to wet your whistle.

Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Barbra Streisand, and Sidney Poitier:

1972 © Bettmann/Corbis.

Zooey Deschanel, Jane Lynch and Jeff Goldblum:


Beck and Tom Yorke:

Salvador Dali and Françoise Hardy:

Will Arnett and David Cross:

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Though in these cases we might venture at least much, maybe even 10,000 words.

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