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Assisting the Angels: Jay-Z and Kanye Perform at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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By HVentertainment on November 10, 2011

At the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday night, the models-slash-angels strutted their super-thin stuff decked out in superhero-inspired lingerie (because the nerds have finally won, obviously). They received a huge assist on the runway from none other than Kanye West, who performed his hit track “Stronger.” If you’re going to do a fashion show, this is how you do it.

But because lanky models in skimpy outfits isn’t enough anymore, once Kanye finished up his song, Jay-Z came strolling out for a surprise smashing rendition of “Niggas in Paris.”

This shit is cray cray.

There are two things that strike us about this. The first is we’d have preferred Kanye to sing “Power,” as it’s slightly more apropos than “Stronger,” given the superhero lingerie and a more recent track. Secondly, it’s funny that this is supposed to be a Victoria Secret’s fashion show and no one cares about the models, but everyone is going bananas for The King and Crown Prince of hip-hop.

For more pics and vids of the event, USA Today has you covered.

(via beautysweetspot)

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