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Actor Matthew Fox Arrested for Allegedly Punching Female Bus Driver

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By HVentertainment on August 29, 2011

Matthew Fox was arrested early Monday after allegedly punching a woman in the chest and stomach.

According to a police report, the actor, famous for his role on Lost, “is accused of attempted to hitch a ride to his hotel aboard a private party bus. The driver, a 29-year-old female, blocked the entrance and informed Fox that he could not board, as the bus had been rented out.”

That’s when Fox allegedly punched the driver, before receiving a blow to the mouth in return,” the Hollywood Reporter reports.

Fox is reportedly in Cleveland shooting either World War Z or I, Alex Cross. We’d assume it’s the latter movie, since WWZ is currently shooting in Scotland with Brad Pitt.

Fox has since been released to a friend’s custody and brought back to his hotel. A rep for the actor was not immediately available for comment on the situation, which was first reported by the ever-vigilant TMZ.

TMZ claims that Fox was never “formally arrested,” but rather, handcuffed outside the bar by an off-duty police officer and then detained by police.

We’re guessing, and this is strictly conjecture, but maybe she told him the ending to Lost kinda sucked, that the entire final season was weak sauce, and that’s when he lost his cool, punched her in the breast region and shouted his catchphrase at her, “You just got Dharma’d, beeyotch!”

That would make a much better story than a drunken Fox trying to illegally board a party bus.

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