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Ace & Gary Return for Star-Studded Ambiguously Gay Duo

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By HVentertainment on May 15, 2011

It’s been nearly four years since Ace and Gary fought crime and patted each other’s butts on television.

But on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the questionably homosexual superheroes created by Robert Smigel and J. J. Sedelmaier made their first appearance since September 2007 in an episode superbly titled “The Dark, Clenched Hole of Evil.”

In a perfect twist for the TV Funhouse cartoon series, the Ambiguously Gay Duo and the super villains who can never find the smoking gun of Ace and Gary’s relationship all come to life after a “flesh ray” malfunction. The duo, originally voiced by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell, are played by Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and late night’s Jimmy Fallon. Colbert and Carrell play Brain-io and Big Head, Ed Helms joins the cast to play the two-faced character and Fred Armisen’s the lizard man.

Aside from the cavalcade of additional television stars, the seven-minute cartoon delivered the comedy as usual — its gay-themed puns, gags and hints continue to be hilarious in the least offensive way possible. You’d think at this point they might have run out of quality material, but after a long layoff it’s refreshing to see Ace & Gary return. Enjoy your Sunday with this:

SNL continued its funny-to-some-but-not-to-most season with Saturday’s Ed Helms episode. The show seems hellbent on jamming political comedy down our throats at the start of every week, but the sketches generally lack the comedy part of the equation. Is it just that all the good poli-com writers work for The Daily Show and Colbert Report these days? Probably.

The funny-at-first “What’s Up With That?” sketch returned as well, with the added bonus of an appearance by the real Lindsey Buckingham (plus Paul Simon, Glee’s Chris Colfer and Helms as a sexy banjo player). Played out, yes, but always a decent laugh.

Click here for more SNL highlights, though there’s not much else that’s necessary viewing.

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