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15 More Minutes: Antoine Dodson’s “Chimney Intruder Song”

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By HVnews on December 22, 2010

Antoine Dodson is the gift that keeps on giving. We only hope that he’s getting as well. Money. Lots of it. Truck loads. The most exploited-yet-amusing emerging non-talent of 2010 extended his 15 minutes of extraordinary fame on Tuesday’s episode of Lopez Tonight.

Dodson’s been everywhere, on everything. What started as a typical local news eyewitness report about the attempted rape of his sister has turned into a cottage industry. There’s the Gregory Brothers’ Bed Intruder Song remix, NYU’s a capella version, an ad for a sex offender tracker, a live performance at the BET awards, and even a choir version of the song by Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.

On Tuesday night, Dodson went on the Whoa-That’s-Still-On-Television? Lopez Tonight to give us all the gift of a Christmas version of his ubiquitous anthem: The Chimney Intruder Song.

Happy holidays, folks. Just remember: Santa’s rapin’ errbody out here.

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