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15 More Minutes: Antoine Dodson’s “Chimney Intruder Song”



By HVnews
December 22, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Antoine Dodson is the gift that keeps on giving. We only hope that he’s getting as well. Money. Lots of it. Truck loads. The most exploited-yet-amusing emerging non-talent of 2010 extended his 15 minutes of extraordinary fame on Tuesday’s episode of Lopez Tonight.

Dodson’s been everywhere, on everything. What started as a typical local news eyewitness report about the attempted rape of his sister has turned into a cottage industry. There’s the Gregory Brothers’ Bed Intruder Song remix, NYU’s a capella version, an ad for a sex offender tracker, a live performance at the BET awards, and even a choir version of the song by Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.

On Tuesday night, Dodson went on the Whoa-That’s-Still-On-Television? Lopez Tonight to give us all the gift of a Christmas version of his ubiquitous anthem: The Chimney Intruder Song.

Happy holidays, folks. Just remember: Santa’s rapin’ errbody out here.



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