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Boho Nation

Boho Nation

Unexpected Occupations, Unexpected Successes

In less than one month, Occupy Wall Street has accomplished four important goals that the “professional left” has failed to pull off. What can and will come from the OWS movement? Nobody knows for sure. But Emily Goulding examines its successes thus far.

Midnight in the Parisian Belle Epoque

Midnight in Paris does what movies are supposed to do: tell a beautiful, entertaining story. But when the clock strikes midnight, the medium becomes the message. Like Woody Allen’s reflections on life itself, the film is flawed but well worth the while.

Clothing in the Boho Nation (Part 2 of 3)

Two of the three pillars of the boho closet -– Forever 21 and American Apparel –- have been sued dozens of times by their employees. Both companies screw their workers, but in very different ways. What’s worse: sweatshops or sexual harassment?

Carter Chic: Clothing in the Boho Nation (Part 1 of 3)

In Part I, Emily Goulding asks whether or not millennials dress in (Jimmy) Carter Chic. The Boho Nation dresses like Obama equals Carter, because it sure feels like Obama is Carter. If fashion is the subconscious of a culture, then this is what we’re feeling.