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Survey Confirms Women Are Better at Breaking Up Than Men

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on February 19, 2014

A new survey confirms what all men and women probably already suspected to be true: that women are much more decisive when it comes to breaking up, whereas men will drag on a relationship forever because why not.

The survey was based on findings from 500 unmarried couples in both short and longer-term partnerships, and found that women will take an average of six days to decide to break up with their sig other. Men, on the other hand, will prolong the pain, suffering and agony for over a month. And it all comes down to having the balls, the nads, the CAJONES to actually pull the trigger. Sound familiar, ladies?

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It seems that women are just much more YOLO and emotionally honest about this relationship stuff, and can’t have their time wasted. All female respondents agreed that life is too short to be with the wrong person for a ‘moment longer than necessary.’

The survey was commissioned by sheleft.me, which is a real website for newly single folks. Founder Munir Bello had two takes on why men are slower to cut the cord:

‘It could be that men are generally less proactive than women, and that they lack the confidence to put a break-up plan – painless or otherwise – into action.

Sounds about right. You can stop right there. Or keep going …

‘Or it could be that men are born romantics who want nothing more than to stay with their sweethearts for ever.

Going to give you a respectful NOPE. You lose. Good day, sir.

[via Daily Mail, banner image via Heavy]
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