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Ronald McDonald Gets Midlife Crisis Makeover, Plans to Start Tweeting

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on April 24, 2014

Contrary to Donald Trump’s belief, nobody’s look works forever. Styles change, and so must we change along with them. After years and years of the same, staid look, Ronald McDonald has received a little wardrobe spruce up in a ploy that feels like a sad Project Runway challenge.

It’s been a tough time for Mr. McDonald: People sharing his name have come out in support of the new Taco Bell breakfast offerings, leaving him alone with his Egg McMuffins and wondering what the future will hold. But, much like a recently dumped person, he got a makeover to let the world know he’s FINE — seriously, he’s FINE! How many times does he have to tell you, he’s FINE. Oh, Ronald, stop crying. Your face paint is running.

McDonalds brought in Ann Hould-Ward, a Tony award-winning costume designer for Beauty and the Beast, to help Ronald with his new look and attitude. She’s the one responsible for his chic vest, baggie capris, and circus-meets-Ed Hardy blazer.

via USA Today

via USA Today

This is full-on midlife crisis status, and “brand experts” see right through it.

“As a strategy, it feels a little desperate,” says Kate Newlin, a brand consultant. She says it’s as if the new Ronald is shouting: “Please remember you once loved me.”

Ooo, sick Brand Burn. But it’s true, these are desperate times for Ronald McDonald, who’s been the shining, creepy symbol of the majestic fast food chain since his first national TV spot in the mid 1960’s. One would never categorize the clownish spokesman as “cool” but he did symbolize distinctly American cornerstones: success and fast food.

But now McDonald is nothing but a breakfast wars loser, and a middle-aged clown man trying to be hip. His company announced that soon he’ll be tweeting, something even David Letterman has already done.

Is it just us, or do those Golden Arches look a bit tarnished?

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[via USA Today]
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