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Meet Fishler, Fish That Looks Like Hitler

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on March 24, 2014

This photo of a pet fish that, by no fault of its own bears a striking resemblance to Hitler, is making the rounds. So obviously this is an opportunity to make bad, ridiculous and mildly insensitive jokes.

It all started, as most absurd internet things do, when a Redditor posted about his “evil Hitler goldfish.” Then this happened:

Followed by this:

And this:

And some other greatest hits from Reddit:

“Don’t forget about his buddies Heinrich Swimmler and Josef Gurgles.”

“Finding Neinmo”

“Has he tried to invade Pooland yet?”

All in all, some terrific work from the greatest minds of our generation. And just further proof that even though the Holocaust was a long time ago, there are still daily reminders of the horrors … even in the form of a harmless fish.

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And now there’s this:

And this:

And this:

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