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Life Hack: Make Feminist Art Using Hobby Lobby Products

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Neda Semnani

By Neda Semnani on June 30, 2014

This morning, Americans found themselves tightly wedged in the intersection of sex, religion, women’s health, and the rights of a big box craft store.

The decision, handed down by the Supreme Court, could have gone several ways and could have had a broad impact on the rights of corporations and the reproductive rights for American women. But, it went the way of corporate rights.

To those women who work at Hobby Lobby and are super angry about their reproductive rights being usurped for the corporation’s religious rights, get out your glue guns and your employee discount card, because it is time to angry craft something.

1. Make angry doll part art

Don’t worry, Hobby Lobby sells arms in two colors: light and dark.

screen grab from Hobby Lobby website

2. Give your corporate overlords the gift of control over a crocheted uterus

After all, according to this tweet, Hobby Lobby has the cheapest yarn of all:

Here are your directions…and some pink yarn to buy with your employee discount.

3. Buy some material to make your corporate craft store a lovely thank you card or patches for their jean jacket.

4. Would Hobby Lobby bosses like some subversive cross-stitching to go with their grip on your comprehensive health care?

Use your employee discount here to make your big bosses one of these.

Hobby Lobby employees, your giant corporation has monkeyed about with the health care of all American women. The very least we can all do is angry craft about it.



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