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Is This the Coolest Résumé Ever? This Is the Coolest Résumé Ever.

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 16, 2014

When it comes to being creative in job résumés, people’s attempts are often misguided: scented paper, a vision board, the inclusion of wakeboarding as a skill. You might think this will impress a potential employer, but no.

Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer, a New Yorker, an NBA fanatic. But mostly he’s the creator of an incredibly innovative résumé that actually works. If you head on over to his website and click on Interactive Resume, it transports you to a page designed in the style of an old school video game.

Robby’s work has been highlighted before, but it was sent to us today by an employer who actually received this, so we thought it was too awesome to not re-share. Here’s a quick peek, but it’s best if you experience it for yourself.




robby 4

There are not many industries where your résumé can serve as an example of your immense talent, but that’s certainly the case here. We’re guessing Robby won’t have too much trouble finding a job.

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