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Two Women Going Through Olympics Withdrawal Will Try All 114 Female Events

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on October 29, 2013

Instead of spending their free time binge-watching Felicity, two women in England decided to take on the task of trying out all 114 summer Olympic events available for women in the Brazil 2016 games.

Eleanor Farrow and Sarah Clementson, both 31 of Essex, are two old college pals who were both really, really into the London-hosted 2012 Olympics.

So much so, the pair couldn’t stand to wait four years for the next round of games. Instead, they decided to DIY it.

“Sarah and I both just really enjoyed the Olympics. When it was finished we were sad that we wouldn’t be able to watch these sports whenever we wanted, and become really involved with them,” said Eleanor, who works at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester.
“We decided if it wasn’t on the telly we would do it for ourselves. We would try out each of the sports in Essex, as we also wanted to approach it from the point of view that people could try these activities at clubs just a couple of miles down the road.

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They hope to average 30 games per year in order to complete the challenge by summer 2016, and though it sounds pretty ambitious, there are much worse ways to spend your time. Yea, you, sitting behind your laptop. Maybe get up and take a lap? Or hit the trampoline?

The pair is chronicling its progress on a personal blog and have already made it through 31 events. Not too shabby, ladies.

With only 83 events to go, we decided to check out the full list and pick out the events we’re most excited for them to try/haven’t even heard of.

3000m Steeplechase: Because we picture a building running after people.
Kierin: No clue.
Individual Dressage: Good luck finding a horse finer than Rafalca Romney.
Uneven Bars: Danger!
Duet Synchronized Swimming: Sounds beautiful.
Freestyle Wrestling: Is hopefully a hybrid of wrestling and rap battling.

[via Essex Chronicle]
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