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Progress Looks Like a West Point Cadet Taking His Boyfriend to Formal

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By HVculture on February 5, 2013

Progress comes in all forms.

We’ve seen more and more states allow same-sex couples to marry (almost halfway there to the number of states that allow cousins to wed!) We’ve seen a high schooler receive a standing ovation for courageously coming out in front of his school. We’ve seen a public shaming of 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver and his anti-gay comments leading up to this year’s Super Bowl.

But the most handsome form of progress comes care of this West Point cadet and his boyfriend attending a Winter formal weekend in the snow.


Knight’s Out, a group of LGBT alumni from U.S. Military Academy at West Point, captioned the photo on its Facebook page:

This, ladies and gentleman, is progress at an Academy in which we can be proud. A member of the Academy’s Spectrum group and his boyfriend at Yearling Winter Weekend last weekend.

Damn straight. Progress.

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