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Oscars’ ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ Bit Spikes IMDb Ratings for Topless Films

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By Greg Seals on February 26, 2013

Regardless of your tweetable opinions about Seth MacFarlane’s hosting abilities, there exists one undeniable takeaway from Sunday night’s Oscars: “We Saw Your Boobs” raised all kinds of awareness of topless actors.


The sophomoric bit, in which MacFarlane laundry-listed films where some of your favorite actresses bore not only their souls but also their bosoms, gave rise to an increase in IMDb’s MOVIEmeter for most of the films, as well as a rise to a few other things. (If you’re looking for the bare-chested screen grabs themselves, you can thank one industrious and resourceful Redditor for cobbling them together in one fap-friendly post.)

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The MOVIEmeter rankings is, essentially, a complex algorithm that shows the current popularity of each film. So in order of bustiest to saggiest, here are the films in which the actresses appear topless, by the numbers:

• Perhaps most surprisingly, Hillary Swank’s Noncrying Boys are enjoying the biggest spike of all, which seems a tad peculiar given that she portrays a trans-man.

Hillary Swank Boobs

• With a spike of 636, people definitely want a glimpse of Angelina Jolie’s Gias before they started nursing those kids.

Angelina Jolie Boobs

• People are eager to see Meryl Streep’s Silkwoods — the film’s MOVIEmeter rating enjoyed a 574 spike this week.

Meryl Streep Boobs

• Halle Berry might be in her mid-40s, but her Monster Balls are timeless.

Halle Berry Boobs

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• Even in her least glamorous role, people are still thirsting for a chance to see Charlize Theron’s Monsters at 349.

Charlize Theron Boobs

• Perhaps the spike of 316 accounts not just for Marisa Tomei’s toplessness, but her nipple piercings as well.

Marisa Tomei Boobs

• With an increase of 79 this week, shut eyes are the last thing anyone has when Nicole Kidman bares it all.

Nicole Kidman Boobs

• Despite her awkward quasi coming out at the last award show, Jodie Foster’s Accuseds are still garnering traffic, up 77.

Jodie Foster Boobs

• It’s a small spike at 61, but at least someone was interested in Anne Hathaway’s broke back breasts.

Anne Hathaway Boobs

• With an increase of 41, are you stupid enough to miss out on a chance to see Penelope Cruz’s Vanilla Skys?

Penelope Cruz Boobs

• Maybe Jessica Chastain’s history of onscreen torture accounts for the drop of 15 Lawless experienced.

Jessica Chastain Boobs

• With a drop of 18, maybe Kristin Stewart’s On the Roads are just too awkward?

Kristin Stewart Boobs

• With a droop of 19, it looks like a little JO session is the last thing anyone thinks of Helen Hunt’s Sessions.

Helen Hunt Boobs

• It looks like Liev is the only guy interested in Naomi’s Mullholands.

Naomi Watts Boobs

• And, of course, there’s always enough topless Kate Winslet to go around, so she gets her own little category down here …

Kate Winslet Boobs 4

Kate Winslet Boobs 2

Kate Winslet Boobs 3

Kate Winslet Boobs 1

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