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The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquet Ever Sent

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on February 9, 2013

Is it dusty in here? No? Well, then who is chopping all these onions?

Whatever you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, it can never, for obvious reasons, be nearly as romantic as this gesture from the departed.

valetine's day

As of post time it’s unclear which magazine printed this tearjerker. We’ll update when we track down the original source of this amazing letter.

Here it is transcribed:

My Sweet husband, John, and I were married for 46 years. Each Valentine’s Day, he’d send me the most beautiful flowers containing a note with five simple words: ‘My love for you grows.’ Four children, 46 bouquets and a lifetime of love were his legacy to me when he passed away two years ago.

On my first Valentine’s Day alone, 10 months after I lost him, I was shocked to receive a gorgeaus bouquet addressed to me..from John. Angry and heartbroken, I called the florist to say there had been a mistake. The florist replied, ‘No, ma’am, it’s not a mistake. Before he passed away, your husband prepaid for many years and asked us to guarantee that you’d continue getting bouquets every Valentine’s Day.’ With my heart in my throat, I hung up the phone and read the attached card. It said, ‘My love for you is eternal.'”

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