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Why Strippers Are Strippers: Here’s One Dancer’s Take After a Shift

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By HVculture on April 22, 2013

Most strippers don’t love the work they do, but they’re rewarded handsomely for it. While many Americans sit in judgment of this job, think about how most of the judges don’t love the work they do and aren’t handsome rewarded for it.

It is a profitable endeavor. Otherwise, the poles wouldn’t be so full. From Reddit, here’s a great thread: “From now on when people ask me why I’m a stripper, I’m just going to show them this picture (one day of work)”

stripper take

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If you’re curious, that appears to be $3,345 in mixed bills, all from one shift, albeit a long one — that’s 11:30 am to 3 am. But do that shift three times a month, you’re pulling in $120,000 in tips. Not bad for three cold showers.

The comments thread is a fun read. Here’s the most interesting part:

stripper money

Obviously payment will differ according to market, but while many people are feeling sorry for strippers, they’re feeling sorry for them.

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