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Let These Sexy Calendar Priests Help You Keep Track of Conclave

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By Greg Seals on March 12, 2013

On Monday, news broke that the Holy See, the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, had invested $30 million to buy a share in an apartment block that’s home to Europe’s biggest gay sauna. Now we’re hoping that these priests featured in various iterations of the ever popular tourist trap that is Calendario Romano aren’t averse to becoming men of no cloth every now and again.


The calendar is popular among tourists and showcases the finest men of cloth, sadly, fully clothed, unlike some other Orthodox calendars.

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Though everyone is created equal in God’s eyes, not all priests are viewed as such in front of the lens. Take, for example, this hurt Seminarian, Michael Casey. Let’s just hope the Papal Conclave isn’t as shallow and filled with as many mean girls.

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