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Papa John’s Would-Be Robber Swaps Tears for Free Pizza and Wings

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By Jeff Wilber on January 23, 2013

Better ingredients, better pizza … and the best customer service ever.

That should be the new motto of this Papa John’s in Helena, Montana, after a clerk offered free pizza and wings to a crying would-be robber.

A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a bandana over his face walked into the Helena franchise shortly after midnight Monday with a note that demanded money from the clerk. As the cashier complied with the note, the would-be robber broke down, crying about his family’s plight.

Papa johns
via Business Insider

Faced with the tough economy, the thief told the crew he just wanted to provide for his family, and in an extraordinary display of customer service, the clerk offered to make the man a pizza and chicken wings instead of handing over the money. The crying man agreed to the offer, waited for the fresh pizza and then walked out with his midnight snack.

Though the Papa John’s manager declined to comment, we believe that this cashier deserves more than just a little pat on the back for outstanding customer service. Forget Jerry Jones rapping about the pizza franchise, pimping this random act of kindness is the only PR they’ll need.

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