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Another Stellar NY Times Correction: Foiled by Halloween Twitter Names

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By HVmedia on November 1, 2013

Regular HyperVocal readers know there is nothing more we like than a correction from the New York Times. The Grey Lady is always so precise, so meticulous, and in an era where you can easily get away with (and prosper from) scrubbing mistakes without even a mention, it’s great to see a legacy media outlet call themselves out with regularity.

Those dastardly Halloween Twitter names really mucked up the news that’s fit to print. This, from “What Would Mr. Roper Say?

screenshot via @SladeHV

screenshot via @SladeHV

Jillian York’s a great sport, tweeting this upon reading the mix-up of her real name and Chillian J. Yikes:

There’s nothing better than a Times correction, really.

Be it a devastating My Little Pony mix-up, terrorist frappes, service hedgehogs, misidentified Games of Thrones characters, the definition of Easter, the length of a standing ovation, or the actual occupations of brothers Mario and Luigi, it’s refreshing to see accountability still rules in some segments of the media landscape.

Heck, the Times even corrected a story from 1877 … just last week.

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