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Lavish P.: Elaborate Instagram Troll or Your Shot at a Free $15K?

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By Greg Seals on February 15, 2013


Allow him to introduce himself: His name is Param.

At least that’s the name that appears on his Black AmEx card, but he’s better known as Lavish P on Twitter, or @itslavishbitch to almost 14,000 Instagram followers. He humbly describes himself with this bio:

Calling myself poor is just an insult to you. — Bitch I’m rich, rude, cocky and arrogant. — 17yrs. San Francisco Livin Hoe

I stumbled across Lavish P.’s Instagram profile late Thursday night through the K-hole — no pun intended — that is the comments section of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. Commenters on one of her photos were beseeching her to block @itslavishbitch and whomever was behind it.

Though he’s only been on the photo-sharing app for a little over a month — he says his old account @lavishassnigga was deleted — he’s posted more than a hundred photos depicting what a 17-year-old who spends too much time listening to rap and watching Scarface might define as luxury.

He claims to only shit in sparkling water, use iPhones as playing cards, and routinely posts obscene amounts of cash, some still in shrink wrap as if straight from the Federal Reserve. In addition to posting images of cash, he chronicles his penchant for all manner of designer goods, including Louis Vuitton, True Religion jeans and Rolex watches.

He’s also posted one photo showing what would appear to be a small bump of cocaine, and another featuring a handgun, though according to California gun law, you must be 21 or older to legally possess one.

And though everything would appear to point to the contrary, he isn’t a monster. On February 3, he posted the photo below announcing he would be giving away $15,000 to one lucky “peasant.”

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Here’s the description:

Lavish is giving away 15k. That’s nothing for me but a lot for you. Rules: Follow me, Like this picture, and Comment. Comment can be anything. The winner will be publicly announced on Feb 23, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random. Money will be sent by mail. Once you win i will contact you thru your profile. Good luck peasants.

So what’s to make of all this? Is this an act of extremely elaborate trolling, lampooning and satirizing the braggadocio culture that Instagram and other social media has come to breed? If so, he’s certainly executing his prank with an enormous amount of resources. In one video that was posted on his YouTube channel, he even goes so far as to debunk comments saying that the back of the hundred dollar bills he was flaunting were blank.

If Param is truly the personality his Instagram purports him to be, then one lucky individual may be $15,000 richer come February 23, while the rest of the world is poorer for having someone so sickeningly obsessed with material goods and wealth. Also, what do his parents do to foster this type of behavior?

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