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Jose Canseco Wants to ‘Paint a Duet with George Bush’ on Twitter

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By Greg Seals on March 25, 2013

When a hacker named Guccifer breached the email accounts of several Bush family members and friends, the world was exposed to the savant art genius that is George W. Bush. We were treated to a series of introspective self-portraits in bathroom repose, and the art world caught fire.


Since then we’ve been treated to a brief oeuvre of Dubya’s work, which includes a myriad of subject matter, dogs chief among them.

Now, Twitter impresario and steroid user/whisteblower Jose Canseco wants in on the chance to paint with one of the last remaining old masters.

If you were looking for a sampling of Canseco’s work, let us direct your attention to this painting of MLB commissioner Bud Selig, which he sold for an undisclosed amount, though neither Christie’s or Sotheby’s brokered the deal:


What could we expect to see if the twosome decide to “paint a duet” together? Hopefully Bush can lend Canseco some advice on how to capture the Donald’s mane given all his experience with pantings dogs.

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