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Google Street View Shows Two Horny Lovers Going At It in a Dressing Room

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By Greg Seals on January 31, 2013

Google Street View is bringing lovers together in unconventional ways.

First, it was these two Internet commenters who shared a mutual hatred for the street car’s capturing the destruction of Sandy’s aftermath.

Now, the Internet giant is going straight-up Big Brother-style creepy, snapping away inside stores to see what you’re shopping for, or how those jeans make your ass look. Who knew Google was even going inside now?!

This Google Street View glimpse inside a French sporting goods store Krakatoa yields these two lovebirds with underwear around their ankles and feet intertwined behind a dressing room curtain.

google maps
Google Street View

Since Google introduced Street View there have been all manner of horse-headed trolls and gun-toting terrors that the technology has exposed, but what is there to make of these two? Two people that got too turned on and slipped behind a dressing room curtain to take care of business, or a couple of expert-level trolls or store employees with devotion to the game?

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