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Facebook May Help Get This Kid Laid: 1 Million Likes For Sex With Crush

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By Greg Seals on January 18, 2013

It’s been a weird week for Internet relationships.

On Wednesday we brought you the story of Namarofake.com, the Brazilian website where you can buy a fake Facebook girlfriend. That was just hours before the news broke that Manti Te’o’s dead leukemia girlfriend was a fraud, leaving us all scratching our heads as to his motives.

Instead of taking a dip in a pond filled with Catfish and wondering who exactly you could be cybering with halfway around the world, Petter Kverneng of Norway had a better idea.

Facebook Sex

Rather than simply starting a Kick Starter to buy an hour with a prostitute, Petter decided to crowd source sex with his high school crush on social media. Wednesday, the 20-year-old posted the photo on his Facebook, urging users to help him finally break free of the friend zone with the 19-year-old Catherine with the caption “Please, help me get laid!”

Less than 24 hours since the posting of image, Petter can’t believe the overwhelming response he’s received.

“It was meant as a joke for our group of friends. I had guessed that we’d got a hundred ‘likes’ but now, we have half a million.”

As of the publishing of this piece the photo had received well over 1 million likes and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It remains to be seen how this story will end. Will Catherine hold true to her word, or will her father forcible rip Petter’s Peter off before he gets a chance to claim his social media winnings?

With the support of the entire Internet, including the creepy uncle that is the 4chan’s /b/imageboard, we say it’s time to up the ante and start bargaining with bigger chips.

-2 million for a Houdini
-2.5 million for a Donkey Punch
-3 million for anal
-4 million his mom gets to watch
-4.5 million for a Cleveland steamer
-10 million for the most depraved sexual act defined on Urban Dictionary

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