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But What Are We Going to Do About Emoji Gun Violence?

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By Greg Seals on January 16, 2013

President Obama and Vice President Biden did some heavy lifting on Wednesday, outlining their plan to reduce gun violence in this country. Not to sound like an Onion article, or an outrageous petition circulating on behalf of One Million Moms, but there is an aspect of this conversation about gun culture in our society that has been ignored since the Newtown tragedy.

If talking heads are taking aim at the violence the appears onscreen courtesy of video games, TV or movies, then they should stop ignoring the one screen everyone is looking at in this country: their iPhones.

Emoji Gun 2

Emoji Gun 14


Emoji Gun 12

Emoji gun 3

I Own a Tank, and You Should Too
See Steven Seagal’s Bulletproof Kimono Being Put to Use With a Gun

Emoji Gun 6

Emoji 13

Emoji Gun 18

emoji gun 9

Emoji Gun 20

Emoji Gun 16

Emoji Gun 15

Emoji Gun 11

Emoji Gun 17

Emoji Gun 19

Gun Appreciation Day Is Coming January 19, So Holster Up
The Onion Nailed the NRA’s Sandy Hook Statement Way Back in May

Emoji Gun 7

Emoji Gun 10

This tweet sums it all up pretty nicely.

Emoji Gun 21

Watch Jon Stewart’s Calm, Rational Gun Control Monologue
Bob Costas’s Halftime Gun Control Lecture Pisses People Off

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