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CrazyIdeas Subreddit to Revolutionize Gyms, Dentists and Porn (Or Not)

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By HVculture on January 31, 2013

ESPN producer Kevin Wildes regularly appears on Bill Simmons’ podcasts to drop some “Half-Baked Ideas,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Do we need more Mount Rushmores? Would “media personal trainers” catch on? How about SliceTV, a niche network about pizza? These ideas need a lot work, but there’s something appealing about them in their infancy.


Reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet, has gotten into the half-baked ideas game. One of its increasingly popular subreddits, now with more than 34,000 subscribers, is CrazyIdeas: “Create super hobos? Elaborate. Invisible spiders? Why not? There are no wrong ideas!”

Some of our favorites:

• Clearly this has the most upvotes, because porn: “A smartphone app that uses facial recognition to find porn stars that look like whomever your into.”

• Let’s make a gym called “Resolutions”. For the month of January it’s a gym, then the rest of the year it’s a bar.

• Since they’re both every six months, a dentist that offers oil changes while your teeth get cleaned.

• A cupcake bar that uses those plastic tubes that banks have.

• A restaurant where, instead of a menu, you get a sampler so can taste a bit of everything before you order.

• Let’s apply the idea of mood rings to eye contacts and make mood contacts to always know how people are feeling face to face.

• A place you can pay a monthly/single access fee to take really fancy showers.

• A device to record your dreams, so you can watch them again.

• A cross between animal planet and fantasy football where you can choose certain animal packs and bet on which ones survive.

• An actual bed with a small hole at the head so you can sleep face down

• And, in a meta twist, here’s one that filters out all the non-ideas that are based off typical Reddit wordplay: “A subreddit called CrazyIdeas where the ideas are actually crazy and not just mildly amusing puns.”

Check out the rest of these CrazyIdeas here.

Any faves? Any better CrazyIdeas that just might work? Comment away.

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