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Meanwhile, In Chad …

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By HVnews on January 3, 2013

An early, early leader for Pic of the Year …

APTOPIX Central African Republic
(AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

A Chadian soldier wearing reflective sunglasses observes the convoy ahead of him, as Chadian soldiers who are fighting in support of Central African Republic president Francois Bozize, ride on the road leading to Damara, about 70km (44 miles) north of the capital Bangui, Central African Republic Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. More than 30 truckloads of troops from Chad line the two-lane highway just outside of Damara, supporting government forces who want to block a new rebel coalition from reaching the capital, and Gen. Jean Felix Akaga, who heads a 10-nation regional force, says the town is a “red line that the rebels cannot cross” or his forces will attack.

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