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Start Using 5 Great Phrases From This Sex Manual Written In 1680

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on June 25, 2013

This 333-year-old sex manual is enough to make you blush.

The book, “The School of Venus,” was written in 1680 and is a surprisingly pretty modern look at human sexuality. The book has two main characters, a young virgin woman and a experienced woman. From there, it explores many sexual experiences in its 166 pages.

via The Appendix.com

via The Appendix.com

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There were many juicy tidbits in the book so, we here at HyperVocal have excerpted five great phrases of the 17th century sex manual:

“Likening the scrotum to ‘something like a Purse’ containing ‘Bollocks… not much unlike our Spanish Olives.’”

“‘Why should not ones Finger yield a Wench the like pleasure’ as a penis.”

“Sometimes Wheelbarrow, with one leg upon his shoulders…”

“Let him rather incline to Lean than Fat, his Hair of a dark Brown and long enough to Curl upon his Shoulders.”

“Sometimes my Husband gets upon me, and sometimes I get upon him, sometimes we do it sideways, sometimes kneeling, sometimes crossways…”

Yowza. Is it getting hot in here? You can read the entire erotic book here, thanks to those notorious pervs over Google.

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