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Whoa: Check This Lightning Strike Victim’s Bizarre, Beautiful Tree-Like Scar

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By HVnews on March 5, 2012

A 24-year-old man named Winston Kemp was out picking pumpkins in May 2011 when he was struck by lightning, resulting in this awesome, albeit temporary, scar:

The scar is called a Lichtenberg figure, the result of electric discharges within insulating materials. The story is making the rounds on the Internet this morning, but it actually dates back to last June (check out Gear Diary’s thorough coverage, with more fun pictures here).

With his Harry Potter–esque signature scar combined with Ron Weasley’s flaming red hair and freckles, Kemp is now the Ultimate Gryffindor. Ten points to Kemp! He even had a girlfriend who was out of town at the time, probably finding Horcruxes.

Since the strike, the scar has faded. Now it just looks like a bad rug burn. Lesson here: If you get one of these beautiful scars, get some ink around it before it fades.

It looks itchy as hell, and I’m sure the farmer’s sunburn tan doesn’t help much. Aloe, man, aloe!

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