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Just the Tip: The Best and Worst Restaurant Patrons on the Planet

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By Cooper Fleishman on July 16, 2012

Waiters have it pretty hard. They make one-tenth of a decent hourly wage.

They do headstands for you.

They put up with merciless taunting just because of their unusual names.

They have to put up with assholes. Lots of assholes.

People like this.

And this.

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Do you think they have time to untangle your stupid origami boots? And for what, a measly $2?

A $10 is all right. At least it’s, you know, actual money.

And then they leave shit like this.

Customers are the worst. Right? Just the worst.

… Except when they’re Peyton Manning. The quarterback tipped $200 — on top of an already included 20 percent — at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC.

(Unfortunately, the server who posted the receipt online got fired.)

Or Aaron Collins. Aaron Collins’ dying wish was to surprise a bunch of waiters with $500 tips.

Or these people:

(It’s hard to read, but that’s a 100 percent tip. And possibly a Goatse drawing.)

These patrons asked their waiter to pick a number between one and 10 …

This woman left her waiter this note, along with $20:

This guy can’t do math, but he gets points for effort:

See? It’s not all bad.

But seriously, tip well and tip often. Just think: It can either make or ruin someone’s day. But if your waiter is an asshole, feel free to leave her origami boots made out of Christian Monopoly money.

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