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The New Yorker Would Like to See ‘a Huge D*ck Bursting Through the Screen’

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By HVmedia on February 29, 2012

To quote Richard Brody’s review of the movie Wanderlust:

“Wanderlust” seems old. Sure, there are a few funny bits (not as many as there should be, and not as many as some people are saying there are), but the very feel of it is overly familiar, and the movie doesn’t really come to life until the blooper outtakes that play with the credits. Here’s why: comic improvisation — specifically, the ribald outrageousness that it aims for — has become too commonplace. At this point, nothing short of a huge dick bursting through the screen would shock an audience with comical sexual audacity. And, as for improvisation itself — well, to quote Leonard Cohen, everybody knows.

Hear that, raunchy filmmakers? Time to step up your game! You’d think, with today’s 3-D technology and all, making a ginormous phallus attack the audience wouldn’t be too difficult. And apparently Brody hasn’t seen Jackass 3D.

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