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The Incredible 100-Year Life of Manohar Aich, India’s 1952 Mr. Universe

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By HVnews on March 19, 2012

Happy birthday, Manohar Aich. You turned 100 years old and you still look like you could box Muhammad Ali and very probably win.

Sixty years ago, at age 40 (40!) the 4-foot-11 Aich, known as Pocket Hercules, won the Mr. Universe Group III championship. This is what he looked like then:

An Indian Air Force vet, Aich had already won three gold medals in the Asian Games.

A decade and a half later, in his 50s but retaining the physique of a man three decades younger, Aich posed on the beach for these shots:



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Here he is at 75:

Aich at 88:

Vinaya Kumar tells the story of seeing Aich perform. Toothless at 88, the bodybuilder made the crowd ooh and aah by manipulating a swing-bell, then, finally, “a brief display of muscle control”: Aich “motioned to an assistant who switched on a small cassette player. Instrumental music with a quick beat filled the air. As the crowd watched in total awe, the man’s muscles began to move in time with the music. Waves of flesh moved up and down his arms, torso, legs.”

Aich at 89:

And here he is now, at 100, looking tough as ever. “Happiness and a life without tensions are the key to his longevity, said Aich, who turned 100 on March 17.”

Images via Wikipedia Commons, AP, sandowplus.co.uk


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