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The 30 Cutest Dogs at the Brooklyn Mutt Show

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By Cooper Fleishman on March 26, 2012

This weekend, the Brooklyn Lyceum held its own version of the Westminster dog show, giving awards for “looks most like owner” and “curliest tail” and inviting all breeds and combos to participate. It was a “dog show for the 99 percent,” Brokelyn.com noted (their headline: “Occupy Ball Treat“!).

Indeed, one prize winner was scared of sidewalks:

Others needed a little butt boost to climb on stage. A little girl presenting her pup for the Best Ears prize was asked, “Why do you think your dog is the best beast in Brooklyn?” She responded, “I don’t!” The crowd went wild.

Taking pictures of over-excited dogs is, like, hard. The most camera-friendly (and stranger-friendly) pups were easily the adorable fellas from Sean Casey Animal Rescue, who wore “Adopt Me!” vests and met lots of potential new owners.

For the full list, click through our slideshow below!




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