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Real-Life Narnia Playroom in 9-Year-Old’s Wardrobe Fascinates Internet Users

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By HVculture on March 26, 2012

A Redditor named ‘kelseypolo’ offered some red meat to the Internet masses this weekend, posting this three-pic photo set under the thread title, “My friend got her 9 yr old daughter a wardrobe for her bedroom, but it’s not just any old wardrobe…” Indeed. It’s a real-life Narnia. (Kinda.)

Kelseypolo says that when her friends we’re building the house, they found some extra space next to the child’s bedroom. They decided to have a little fun with it. This is the masterful result:

As of Monday morning, the album on imgur.com has racked up more than six million views. SIX MILLION.

So what is everybody responding to here? The feeling of jealousy roaring from the departed souls of our 9-year-old selves? The nostalgic embrace of the book series-turned-movie franchise? The thought of how much pot we’d get to smoke in there, or the heavy petting that would occur in our teen years?

Or is it just about the dreams we’d dream every afternoon, living in a world behind the world, seeking solace from the noise of our childhoods and knowing that make-believe lives forever in our minds?



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