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Paulina Gretzky, Daughter of Wayne, Shows Off ‘The Great Ones’ on Instagram

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By HVculture on April 30, 2012

The blonde, gorgeous 23-year-old daughter of the Great One made a splash last year when she posted a slew of sexy bikini shots on her Twitter. Amid rumors that her hockey-legend pop wasn’t too happy about the publicity, Paulina’s Twittering disbanded, leaving legions of fans disappointed.

Enter Instagram, Facebook’s trendy new acquisition. Like water breaking through a dam, Ms. Gretzky finally unleashed her ever-growing private stock of barely-there bikini party pics on the vintage-filter-friendly photo-sharing app.

And predictably, because an attractive woman with a famous father showed more skin than a bare elbow, the media went crazy.

“Back to her old ways!” declared the not-at-all-editorializing Vancouver Sun. “So, so classy. … Is this what sexy/stupid looks like?” The photo set even comes with a warning: “Graphic images may be disturbing!

Seriously? “Stupid”? “Disturbing”? First of all, Sun, don’t bite the hand that feeds you near-nudes. Paulina has a great body and an iPhone, and like millions of people before her, she’s putting herself out there because it makes her happy.

She’s been an adult for five years, so the “bad girl breaks all Daddy’s rules!” narrative is just stupid. This gallery is awesome. It doesn’t need to be turned into some salacious story. Paulina Gretzky appears to have more fun in one night than most of us did in four years of college. She has handsome male companions, cash to burn, alcohol that never stops flowing and weather that never cools.

Paulina, live it up and keep on documenting. You are why we love celebs. If you did not have a famous dad, no one would care and try to shame you into silencing your social-media output.


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