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KKK-Rod? Seriously, ESPN?

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By HVsports on October 8, 2012

Ruthel Martin and his Yankee teammates poured it on in the top of the 9th in Baltimore on Sunday night, taking Game 1 of the ALDS 7-2 on the strength of a five-run outburst in their final frame.

Alex Rodriguez scored a run after being walked earlier in the game, but four weak at-bats left most Yankees fans wondering whether they really have to sit through five more years of A-Rod’s shitty plate appearances. ESPN’s Wallace Matthews, in his Rapid Response blog, must have thought A-Rod’s three strikeouts were a result of his batting with a sheet over his head.

Really? That doesn’t get flagged? And it’s still up on Monday morning?

UPDATE: It’s since been changed to a singular K-Rod.

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Does this look like the work of a Klansman?


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