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How to Cut Glass Like Walter White

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By Julia Drake on June 7, 2012

Not THAT kind of glass, silly. I’m talking about turning beer bottles into nifty homemade glasses! Today I am coming at you with another fun, DIY, summer-centric project. If you’re anything like me, hot summer days represent a number of things, like hitting the beach, spreading out a giant blanket and enjoying a refreshing cerveza. In these hotter months of the year, I always have a six-pack of something in the fridge. I also have a habit of saving fun, old, glass bottles and reusing them for water or flowers. The other day I came upon this intriguing way to reuse your old beer and wine bottles, and it involves lighting a band of yarn soaked in acetone on fire. Sign me up!

I have to admit, before I started in on this project I was thinking about all of the fun things you could do with these glasses. And since I came upon this project on Pinterest it would only be appropriate for me to imagine how cute these glasses would be at your backyard BBQ themed rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. Does your imaginary fiance love Red Stripe or perhaps (s)he is a fanatic for Saratoga Spring Water? How cute would it be if you made a bunch of these glasses for that special, thoughtful homemade touch at your fantasy wedding. Pin this on your “Wedding That is Still 10 Years Away” board.

I would like to mention that on a danger scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most dangerous, this project ranks around a solid 5. I conquered this craft alone in my kitchen. And while I made it out with my eyebrows and lashes in tact and didn’t burn down my apartment, having a partner would be helpful. Especially if you’re trying to photograph each step along the way. Safety first, folks.


• Clean, empty, glass bottles (the thinner the glass, the easier it comes apart)
• Nail polish remover (I used 100% pure acetone and it definitely did the trick)
• Yarn
• Sandpaper
• Lighter
• Sink full of ice water
• Towel soaked in water in case of emergency!

Step One

Cut a long length of yarn and wrap it around your glass bottle where you want the bottle to separate and where the top of the glass will be. Tie a knot in the yarn and remove the yarn from the bottle. Soak in a bowl of acetone for 20-30 seconds until yarn is saturated. Place acetone soaked yarn back on bottle.

Step Two

Hold the bottle over the sink filled with ice water. VERY CAREFULLY light the yarn with lighter and slowly rotate the bottle so the flame burns the yarn all the way around evenly. Rotate bottle until yarn burns out, about 30 seconds.

Step Three

Submerge bottle into ice water and the bottle should easily separate.

Step Four

Using your sandpaper, sand the rim of the glass down until smooth.

Voila! Badass homemade glasses. I think this is definitely a practice makes perfect kind of project. I made a number of attempts with varying bottles and each time I honed my glass making craft a bit more. Next step: turning those empty bottles of Two Buck Chuck into flower vases! Mr. Wizard would be totally impressed.

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