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This DeLorean NYC Taxi Cab Is, Sadly, Not a Real Thing

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 4, 2012

What happens late at night when New York City streets are mostly empty and this thing cranks up to 88 MPH? Does the taxi’s passenger end up in a bygone Manhattan where Times Square isn’t a pedestrian mall but a playpen for hookers, junkies and gay cruisers? Sign us up!

But is 1.21 gigawatts too many gigawatts for Mayor Boomberg? Banned!

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We reached out to Mike Lubrano, who along with Kim Yau, designed this DeLorean Taxi Awesomeness. It’s, alas, not a real thing you can ride:

Unfortunately the story isn’t as cool as it looks. This was an entry for a student advertising competition three years ago. It’s something my partner, Kim Yau, and I had entered for Nooka … which was the client we had to solve for the 2010 One Show Student competition. As a very progressive brand with beautiful, futuristically designed products, we thought this was a cool promotional idea. Unfortunately the judges didn’t feel the same and we didn’t win. Also, this doesn’t exist in real life.

Okay, well … someone should make this happen. We’re looking at you:

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