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This DeLorean NYC Taxi Cab Is, Sadly, Not a Real Thing


Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer
December 4, 2012 at 10:59 am

What happens late at night when New York City streets are mostly empty and this thing cranks up to 88 MPH? Does the taxi’s passenger end up in a bygone Manhattan where Times Square isn’t a pedestrian mall but a playpen for hookers, junkies and gay cruisers? Sign us up!

But is 1.21 gigawatts too many gigawatts for Mayor Boomberg? Banned!

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We reached out to Mike Lubrano, who along with Kim Yau, designed this DeLorean Taxi Awesomeness. It’s, alas, not a real thing you can ride:

Unfortunately the story isn’t as cool as it looks. This was an entry for a student advertising competition three years ago. It’s something my partner, Kim Yau, and I had entered for Nooka … which was the client we had to solve for the 2010 One Show Student competition. As a very progressive brand with beautiful, futuristically designed products, we thought this was a cool promotional idea. Unfortunately the judges didn’t feel the same and we didn’t win. Also, this doesn’t exist in real life.

Okay, well … someone should make this happen. We’re looking at you:

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