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Classic-Nintendo Fan Turns a Briefcase Into a Working N64

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By HVculture on August 28, 2012

Who says gamers never grow up? Redditor FishLampClock “slapped together” a portable, fully working, four-controller Nintendo 64 out of a used console, 15-inch flatscreen and a $60 Office Max briefcase.

How he did it:

I got the briefcase from office max for like 60$, the tv was from best buy on sale for around 130$. Bought the n64 used from Craigslist for 40$. That plus some DIY Velcro for 5$, an extension cord from home depot 5$, and the 3 prong to 2 prong adapter 2$ home depot. The tricky part is disassembling the n64, you need a ball point pen with the clear body where you can see the ink within the pen. Break the pen down and remove everything so you are left with a empty pen body. Get a lighter and melt one end of the pen and cram it down onto a screw from the n64. You are crafting a special screwdriver so you can open the n64 case. There is a YouTube video on how to do this. Just slap it all together and call it a day. I would not reccomend buying games from anywhere except online. Any store is going to charge way too much. Also konkers bad fur day tends to be ridiculously expensive. Maybe I should post my n64 collection? Cheers everyone!

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