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Charles Darwin Made This List of Pros and Cons Before Marrying His First Cousin

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 13, 2012

Interesting fact: The Darwin family tree is about as thin as the royal family’s! Before Charles Darwin married Emma Wedgwood, his first cousin (their grandparents were also first cousins!), he wrote this list of marriage pros and cons. The pros won out: In 1839, he married Emma, nine months his senior, who popped out 10 children and remained his wife until his 1882 death.

“Better than a dog anyhow.” I’ll say.

Transcribed by Lists of Note:

“Forced to visit and receive relations, but terrible loss of time”: What does this mean? Did Darwin hate the in-laws (who were, it should be said, already related to him), or was he just not DTF?

(via Lists of Note)


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