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Are You Manly (or Womanly) Enough? Take This Handy 1948 Magazine Quiz to Find Out

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By Julia Drake on May 16, 2012

Do you prefer plaids or florals? Planting flowers or vegetables? Crabbing or dancing? I’m guessing you can see where this is going (unless you have no clue what crabbing is — but CLEARLY it’s more masculine than dancing). This quiz, featured in a 1948 issue of Look Magazine, asks a few questions to determine just how much of a dude or lady you actually are. And then it proceeds to describe how a child’s interests throughout life are determined by their parents. Masculine interests are passed down from the father; feminine interests from — yep, you guessed it — the mother.

The point of this 1940s-era article is pretty obvious: If your boy is a little too interested in making slip covers with floral fabrics, you better send him out crabbing with Pop. The question I REALLY wish they had asked is, what does it mean if you liked cutting your Barbie’s hair as well as scraping off and collecting sap deposits from pine trees?

How’d you fare? I got a 9, which is right in the middle of the man-woman continuum. Our managing editor, Cooper, who is a dude, got a 9 as well. Editor- and man-in-chief Slade’s score? A manly-ass 7.

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