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28 Hilarious Things Found in School Textbooks

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By Cooper Fleishman on April 19, 2012


1. Game of Thrones


2. Kinky fun with ice and a cliff


3. Completely unnecessary photo


4. Totally topical Leo and Kate reference


5. Chinese textbook drunk dad


6. Can a skunk turn into a raccoon?


7. Clever math textbook index


8. Mulder and Scully get their math on


9. Joke break!


10. Completely honest footnote


11. Worst mnemonic device ever


12. Self-deprecating statistics index


13. LOLface kid


14. First known photo of Michael Phelps


15. Drunk Lindsay Lohan


16. This hilarious typo


17. Horse, child … wait, WTF?


18. Frankendog


19. Insanity Wolf


20. Fart robots


21. Fapping




23. Cooking babies


24. Your mom is dead


25. A terrorism plot


26. Not sure if this is true …


27. How to examine a hernia


28. Court justice sitting on his colleague



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