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25 Bizarre, Cringeworthy Examples of Facebookers Saying ‘I’m Not Racist, But …’

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By HVculture on February 17, 2012

Wait, there are racist idiots on Facebook? Now we’ve seen it all! It may be like shooting fish in a barrel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t point out some cringeworthy examples of people acting like fools in public.

The list of Facebookers calling Jeremy Lin “Jeremy Rin” got us thinking: Shit, it must take some serious mental gymnastics to get over the cognitive dissonance of “I’m not racist, but I hate [group]!”

Let’s break down “I’m not racist, but …” for a minute. What it really means is this: “I am a nice person, which entitles me to say this extremely offensive thing. I know it is extremely offensive, but I’m in the clear because I’ve acknowledged its offensiveness.” But just like how “no homo” only accentuates the homoeroticism, “I’m not racist” has the exact opposite of a mitigating effect.

No, of course you’re not racist — even though what you’re about to say is extremely racist. And you’ve acknowledged that it’s coming from your mouth, not some racist’s mouth, which would be really racist. But you’re saying it. Logically, this would imply a tacit endorsement of [racist thing]. But you want a free pass to “act” racist.

This free pass comes easily; you earn it by simply stating your non-racism, or enjoying music some non-racists enjoy. And then other white people grant it to you. See?

But what if you still feel guilty? The best way to reconcile that feeling is to remember that the group you’re insulting has special privileges, too! Privileges you don’t have! Such as, say, an entire 28 days of tribute to a history that’s been relegated to the margins of your history, which mostly describes your ancestors’ enslavement of their ancestors.

That is, like, so unjust. When is White History Month again? Whoa, I just BLEW YOUR MIND, right? Tell ’em, Ashley.

Classic. I don’t see racism, so it must not exist!

And dating sites. So unfair. Reverse racism! That’s why it’s pretty much your responsibility to push back with actual racism.

Extra points if the shit you say is as bizarre as humanly possible. Here are some great examples.

That makes perfect sense.

This lady pretty much says it all.

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