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15 Questions for Chris Brown’s MMA Challenger

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 20, 2012


We reached out to D.G., a.k.a. @ChrsBrwnChllnge, about his fighting tactics, Brown’s height advantage and what it’ll take for the 24-year-old karate-trained “cubicle worker” to call the whole thing off. Here’s what he had to say.

To be clear, @ChrsBrwnChllnge is not an MMA fighter. He’s just a 24-year-old guy with a dream, and that dream is to take on performer/domestic abuser Chris Brown in a UFC-style fight.
The challenger weighs in at 160 pounds and measures five-foot-seven. He has one to two years’ training in “mostly karate, some judo and a little Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” but he’s “more of a cubicle worker.” At six two, Chris Brown is seven inches taller and about 20 pounds heavier. He’s also a professional dancer and nonprofessional intergender boxer. @ChrsBrwnChllnge could actually get his ass kicked, but he doesn’t care. He simply wants Brown to accept a real, semi-fair, man-on-man fight.

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1. Will you eventually disclose your name? Why does the anonymity matter? And how should we refer to you?

Yes, if Chris Brown accepts. Until then, who I am hardly seems important, and I would prefer that not every member of Team Breezy who sees me on the street stop to talk to me about it. Also, the cause is just simply more important than the person behind it.

I would love it if you used the Twitter handle, but my initials are DG, which I had up on the page before. [I live] near Seattle, WA, USA. As I said via tweet, I have been recognized at work and it resulted in a very awkward convo with my boss.

2. What do you define as “the cause”? Simply that he pay? Or that a statement is made about what a fair fight is?

Simply this: to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is a spoiled child who refuses to make amends for his mistakes, and to see people who worship or even accept him reconsider their opinion and ask why we glorify people like CB.

On a larger scale it’s beyond CB. I want to make the statement that any domestic violence is inexcusable and want abusers to think about if it was them being attacked and feeling out of control of their own lives instead.

3. What prompted this now? The beating happened years ago. Was it the Grammy win and performances? Brown’s post-Grammy tweets?

His jackass response after the Grammys was the tipping point. The offense was three years ago, yes, but he has yet to suffer any serious repercussions. Community service and probation is for petty theft and vandalism. Anyone who read the police report will tell you that was attempted murder.

4. Brown has seven inches and 20 pounds on you. He’s a pro dancer and semipro domestic abuser. Do you think you stand a chance? Why?

Size is a big factor, but not the only factor. Discipline, strategy, training and experience win fights. All else equal the larger fighter almost always wins, but I hope to tip those scales enough to overcome his physical advantages. I do admit it’s a big advantage, and he is essentially a pro athlete who has me beat for endurance. I may very well lose miserably.

5. What kind of fighter do you think Chris Brown will be: grappler, boxer, stick and move, cheap-shot artist?

[A] dancer. This is how we refer to people who circle, taunt and make small, fake enticement pop-shots. I imagine he would over rely on dodging and kicks, which is something I would incorporate into my strategy. High kicks rarely pay off in MMA matches.

6. Would you be okay losing to Brown if it meant you could at least get in some good shots?

Yes. No matter what injuries are sustained by either of us, the most damaged thing in the ring will be his image.

7. Do you have any representation? What’s the next step if Brown says yes?

No, just me. Let him choose the time and place, I would expect him to come to me, since he has considerable means to do so.

8. If the fight actually happens, what do you hope the message will be?

I should take a moment to say I’m answering as if this will happen, which is wishful. I know how unlikely a response is. I would be proud of him [if he accepted]. If I thought he would accept, this wouldn’t be necessary.

9. Do you think it’ll backfire and just give Brown more publicity?

Only with the people already infatuated with him.

10. What’s your opinion of the “I’d let Chris Brown beat me anytime” phenomenon?

Girls who want CB to beat them … I am speechless. What is wrong with some people is beyond me, and I hope most of those tweets were jokes.

11. Does it seem a little uncouth to perpetuate the cycle of violence (Brown says his stepfather abused him) and maybe send the message that violence should be countered with more violence? Are you worried about his young fans getting the wrong idea?

There is a large difference between dom. abuse and a fair fight, a difference I am trying to highlight here.

12. Would you be willing to fight a Chris Brown pinata or life-size doll as an art piece if it doesn’t work out?

Fight his effigy? The gesture would be empty; this is about his character, not me. If he’s not involved, I’m not in.

13. What shot would you most like to hit? Punch to the stomach, face, etc.?

Tripping. One advantage to being shorter is easier throws and grabs for the legs. Once on the ground, grappling, he has no height advantage.

14. Wrestler CM Punk took a cue from you and challenged Brown this morning. Brown responded by saying CM Punk is on steroids and can’t pleasure a woman.

I want to believe that was my influence, but I doubt that. Apparently lots of people have called him out in the past. And CB misspelled “punch.”

15. What kind of gesture would Brown need to make for you to say, “OK, I think he’s actually ‘getting it'”? Probably not partying with strippers.

What can CB do to end this right now? I’m glad you asked this, it is far more to the point than the unlikely fight. As I see it, there are three injustices: no jail, fan made him $20 million+, and still acts entitled to his fame and fortune. [He] can’t go to jail voluntarily, but he could make up for this by dedicating the five years he should have spent in jail to a worthy cause. Of course that’s not reasonable, and a fight isn’t a fair alternative. So an admission that he should have gone to jail would suffice.

As for the money, half to charity. Perhaps to atone for this lack of prison: a youth program or women’s shelter, or dom. violence prevention.

And most importantly, his attitude and ego. Easy resolve and his PR team should have had it done already. Just say this in one tweet: I am sorry to those I offended, I want to make amends for my actions and prove to my fans that they can celebrate me as a role model.

Overall I want people to know that my message is not one of promoting violence or seeking fleeting internet fame. It is that we are all responsible for our actions and accountable for our failures.

For every negative action there is a consequence. This basic life truth is expected of his millions of fans, so why don’t they expect it of him?

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