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10 Absurd, Hilarous Facts About Kids Getting Injured

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By HVculture on November 26, 2012

Admit it, kids getting hurt is pretty funny. Okay, sure, you don’t want to see anybody get hurt *really* bad, but still. Here are 10 statistics and bizarre facts about kids getting hurt in interesting ways.

1. An average of 30 children every day are sent to the hospital with Bounce House-related injuries. (via)

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2. 46,067 children were injured while sledding in 1998. (via)


3. 55% of all playground injuries take place on the monkey bars. (via)

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4. In 1990, 32,866 children were sent to the hospital with shopping cart-related injuries. (via)


5. As of 1989, there were an average of 26,000 bunk bed-related injuries every year in the United States. (via)

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6. In 1995, 687 Americans were hospitalized after ingesting Christmas ornaments. (Okay, that’s not just kids, but realistically, how many adults are swallowing ornaments.) (via)

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7. The number of injuries caused by foot-powered scooters increased by 700% from May 2000 to November 2000. (via)

8. 46% fewer kids end up in the hospital the weekend following a Harry Potter book release in the United Kingdom. (via)

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9. 5,840 people were admitted to hospitals in 1992 with injuries involving pillows. (via)


10. For every kid that was injured in 1994 doing something with “desk supplies,” 15 more were injured by fireworks. (via)


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