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Linkbait! 10 Adorable Animals Being Adorable

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By HVculture on March 13, 2012

Having a bad day? Here’s what we like to do when that happens: Open up to Reddit, click on the ‘Aww‘ section, scroll through and feel that smile uncontrollably growing on your face. You’re welcome.

We’ll start with a cutie little polar bear:


Move forward with an owl in a drain pipe:



Check in with this little kitty drinking some milk:



“Hey, yo, I can drink all cute-like, too, son” –this squirrel:



This dude’s dog has a wicked smile:



And this dude’s bird is in the fruit again:



Lions and tigers and bears, oh my that’s adorable:



It’s my cat in a box … ooo … it’s my cat on a box, girl:



Baby sugar gliders, at your service:



And look at this delightful monkey:


Okay, that’s not adorable — that’s just some kind of monkey bangin’ a cat. Still.


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