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Thre.ad: A Step Ahead of the Industry

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By Jack Reilly on November 7, 2011

You have probably encountered a number of individuals with a unique idea for a technology start-up company. It is a rapidly growing industry, infiltrating many aspects of daily life.  

We want information immediately and efficiently, so as to not waste a moment of our valuable time. And despite a great number of failures paired with a high level of risk in the field, there stands an infinite measure of opportunity. How do the world’s technology elite harness this opportunity and turn it into a marketable product? What sets each success story apart? 

Perhaps equally as important, what aspects are consistent among them? The consistencies are worth noting, as they are capable of telling an inspiring story and fostering innovation -– innovation that brings us social media obsessions like Foursquare, Spotify, and Etsy.

Mimi Nguyen, raised in Houston, Texas, started her career in New York City in finance and commercial real estate development. Since 2004, she has harnessed opportunities and paved her own unique path that may very well take her team to the forefront of tech start-ups.

After some time in finance, numbers and their practical applications no longer satiated Mimi’s appetite for success. The passion Mimi felt to pursue work of a more philanthropic, impact-driven nature led her to Adam Braun, Founder and Executive Director of Pencils of Promise.

Adam and Mimi joined forces during the initial stages of the Pencils of Promise movement. Relying heavily on her learned skills and self-motivation, Mimi executed initial fundraising events that took the Pencils of Promise grassroots movement to an unprecedented level. Pencils of Promise describes her involvement as “instrumental in the shaping of the organization’s culture.”

Following her work as a founding member of a wildly successful “for-purpose” organization, Mimi had an itch to embark on another “for-purpose” journey. In just 7 months, she has turned a vision into a reality. Imagine a product as compelling, simple, and informative as Twitter, but driven by fashion and photos. Now, picture fashion as a creative, culture-based outlet through which people express their individuality. A void exists in the world of fashion, and it is beckoning for a solution from our global society — a solution from people and their inspirations.

Mimi’s latest undertaking, Thre.ad, may be that solution.

In order to ensure success, Mimi and her team operate long hours and use a myriad of possible avenues through which to market their vision. She works quickly and is constantly checking things off of her list, all while attracting some of the top talent in fashion and technology. A growing trend among start-ups and non-profits, and the first of three traits indicative of success, Mimi draws strategic and structural plans from her experience in a high pressured environment like finance and combines it with her experience in operations management and marketing. The management and analytical skills essential to financial accounting and real estate investment have proven invaluable to the early stages of Thre.ad. 

In short: If you, as a young professional, like Mimi, choose to pursue your passion through a tech start-up, you better at least know how to do cost/benefit and comparative analyses—something she thinks also gives her a competitive advantage as CEO of the company. Mimi saw what was missing. 

As a fast follower of the trends she observed in social media technology, she was confident that she could make a better product.

The second trait consistent to the success of many tech startups is intent. The motivation, or perhaps the lack there of, behind a product can easily be the reason for its failure. The team at Thre.ad has embraced a set of ideals by which they are influenced.

Thre.ad was founded upon the idea that individuals should feel free to express themselves without being judged. It is an honest attempt to create a more positive atmosphere around fashion. Furthermore, Thre.ad’s mission to bring together people from different cultures, domestically and globally, through fashion, takes the focus beyond brands and places it on individual creativity. The way a person wears their clothes fosters inspiration, and in turn, achieves the ultimate goal of instilling self-confidence.

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