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The United States of Shame: Your State Sucks at Something

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By HVculture on January 24, 2011

Jeff Wysaski over at Pleated-Jeans compiled data from America’s Health Rankings and the U.S. Census Bureau’s State Rankings to cobble together this handy new state map, which cartoonishly shines a light on the harsh truth of your state’s most horrible deformity.

Utah’s got its porn habits, Colorado its coke habits. Georgia’s a sickly bunch, but Louisiana’s more riddled with gonorrhea. It’s at once funny and haunting; it delves into bestiality, drunk driving, forcible rape, AIDS and arson. Take a look and see whether you contribute to your state’s biggest problem.

What’s going on in the South Dakota/Nebraska region of America? Rape and violence on females?

Now, the natural follow-up: Will you be part of the solution? Nah, something good’s on the teevee.

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