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The Sunday Business Post Might Need a Copy Editor

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By HVmedia on April 4, 2011

The Sunday Business Post is an Irish publication that comes out on Sundays, and its weekly circulation is about 60,000, according to the latest figures. The paper describes itself as “Ireland’s Political, Economic and Financial Newspaper.” They’re also in dire need of an online copy editor.

In its weekend piece about Irish Catholic Bishops agreeing in private to new guidelines for compelling priests accused of sex abuse to stand down from ministry, the Post’s online story included an unintentionally hilarious (and, yes, sad) headline. It’s hard not to laugh at such a serious and tragic topic.

We’re pretty sure “Bishops agree sex abuse rules” is missing a key word. Not positive, though.

Can’t you just picture a group of Irish Catholic bishops jumping around, high-fiving each other, trading evil stories and making scrapbooks about their awesome sexual deviance? “This rules!”

While not quite a Freudian Slip, just think about how amazing this failure in copy editing would be if it ran in a Catholic bishops’ newsletter.

(via @stevesilberman)

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