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That’s Racist, Lululemon!

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By HVculture on November 14, 2011

lululemon athletica is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company based in Vancouver. It’s a progressive joint, catering to people who like outdoorsy stuff, healthy living and generally good vibes.

But head to the lululemon store online, and well, there’s something…off.

Click here on the Pacific Run Long Sleeve shirt for men (it’ll land on black herringbone). Alright, decent fit, looks comfortable, breathable, nice-looking gentleman, all good.

But say you don’t like that color. Alright, so try something else, like “plum heathered dark slate wee stripe.” New pic, same dude, same kind of fit.

The same holds true for “dark slate heathered dark slate classic stripe” and “tempest blue herringbone.” Again, same dude, same kind of shot. But then, something strange happens for plain “black.”

Wait, what?! A non-black shirt? But the model…? Oh my. What happened there?

Let’s just thank the good lord there’s no yellow.

Also of note: Nice bulge.

(via Reddit)

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